That ‘What The Heck’ feeling.

There is nothing like preparing yourself to teach a class. There,s preparation, anticipation, excitement and not to mention the two most important aspects; validation and financial gain.

So what happens after a full morning of waiting and no student turns up? Do you just laugh and do your own art? Do you email the student and tell them not to waste your time again? Do you throw on your jacket and take the dogs for a walk? What about all of the above! Being an artist can be tough at times, you put so much of your soul, your heart, your SELF into making, trying to sell and to teach. Its a profession that takes some hard knocks at times.

For me well I was annoyed, I wondered why in todays modern technology a text was too hard to send? Do artist deserve the same courtesy you would give anyone else you’d made an appointment with?

This was my ‘what the heck’ moment today, before I straightened up my posture, pulled on my jacket and tool my dogs for a walk.



That Funky No Sale Mind Set

Hello Everyone,

Well, its been a bumpy few weeks. Three art shows and no sales. Does great for the spirit. Actually I am being sarcastic, because with every no sale, you are out of pocket financially and you are also a bit down. I should come up with a name for this dilemma and Blog about it. “Art Show Funk” or “The No-Sale Dilemma”. I’m not sure but its worth writing about. I’m sure I could share my experience with many other artist. So with that said, I had to get down to business with my homework. What a challenge that was ! Not only did I have “The No-Sale Dilemma” Funky Art Show mindset but I also struggled with the digital translation onto canvas. I have to confess I spent an entire day…..and entire day on this painting. It gave me a very hard time. I was doubting my abilities in the art world and my abilities in University.

But this is about learning, working and studying and I am an artist. We make art, go in shows, keep making it and we keep being creative. So here is my painting No.1. and I’m hoping that someone out there can see my dappled light somewhere in there.

Digital Photography Manipulation .  Acrylic Painting No.1 Exercise VSW23

Digital Photography Manipulation .
Acrylic Painting No.1
Exercise VSW23




This year at the Red Hill Art Show there is a Master Printmakers section. Am very honoured to be hung in the Printmaking section of the show with these incredible and respected Australian Printmakers. Rona Green, Rosalind Atkins, Jazmina Caninas and Heather Shimmen. There were many other wonderful printmakers there. Hoping to sell my Red Hill Tree Monotype Series I & II. Great to be a part of the artists selection this year.